Nature + Sake Tour

Enjoying drinking alcoholic beverage and riding bicycle " Syu + ride " tour

The new experiential cycling tour that you can be in Japanese great nature while drinking Sake!



・The great scenery of Yasato

Bike through the serene sceneries of Yasato. Not only is it fast, it is refreshing enough to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life.

・The spring of Ishiro

Drink some fresh springwater from nearby mountains. Quench your thirst after cycling through the wild!

・Sobagura Megumi

Hitachiaki Soba is a world-renowned Soba noodle loved by many locals. In Sobagura Megumi, you will get to sample some Soba made with 100% buckwheat.

・Koisegawa cycling road

As you cycle through the cycling course of Koigsegawa River, you willl see Mt. Tsukuba looming in the distance. This great view, alongside the scenery of the countryside makes this cycling experience a one-of-a-kind adventure!

・Shiragiku sake brewing

Explore Shiragiku Sake Brewery for an up-close tour of how Sake is made. Use all of your senses to see how Sake is made. Ofcourse, you will get to sample some!


【With Support Car / Price Per Person】 6ppl:26,000/5ppl:27,000/4ppl:28,000 【Without Support Car / Price Per Person】


1person:21,000 (Support Car available from 4 people)

【Expenses Included】

Bike rental fee / Guide fee / supplementary food and lunch sake tasting / Tour photo

【Expenses not Included】

Breakfast, souvenir at eah facility, and dinner

【Meeting Point】

Ishioka Station West Exit


Welcome to Ibaraki! This cycling tour, prepared by those at Earth Travel Mito, will take you on a huge adventure through then nature of Yasato. This tour features various scenic approaches to monuments of nature. You will stop by several locations including a water spring, where you will get to quench your thirst with some fresh spring water. Lunch will be a locals Soba, where you will get to taste noodles made with 100% buckwheat! After lunch, you will go through a cycling road situated in the middle of the natural wonders of Yamato. Hop on, and let us take you through various locations. We will take you to a Sake brewery, where you will get to engage all of your senses (ofcourse, taste being the ultimate one) to see how Sake is made. If you are not well-acquainted with riding a bike, do not worry! We have professional local guides taking you along. Come join us, and we hope to see you soon!

【Syupride Tour Itinerary】

Ishioka station





tour of a sake brewery/tasting Sake